The LSESU-UCL Economics Conference 2014/15

The LSESU-UCL Economics Conference 2014/15 is a special joint project by the LSE Students' Union Economics Society’s Special Projects Division and the UCL Economist's Society with the kind support of the LSE and UCL Economics Departments. It will be only the second collaboration between the two major London universities.


Our conference revolves around the theme: "Mainstream Economics - Too Big to Fail?" The chosen theme points to the continued dominance of the Neoclassical Framework, despite the strong criticism it has faced in recent years. The aim of this conference is draw attention to the twin issues of whether Neoclassical Economics should be reformed, and if so how it could possibly be done. The latter will involve an exploration of alternative Economic theories, as well as unconventional approaches successfully applied by institutions and nations. A more reflective Economics is also likely a more robust Economics, capable to adapting to meet the demands of a changing landscape.




19th November 2014


Registration: 1:00pm

Start: 2:00pm

End: 9:00pm


University College London:

Registration: Roberts Café

Speaker Rooms: Darwin LT, Roberts Building

Dress Code


Our Speakers

Dr. Jörn-Steffen Pischke (Professor of Economics, LSE)

Alison Wolf (UCL Professor)

Gilles Moec (Head of EU Research, Deutsche Bank)

Simon Bishop (Co-Founder of RBB Economics)

Roger Bootle (Former Group Chief of HSBC)

Phillippe Aghion (Professor of Economics, Harvard)




Our Programme